Saturday, 19 February 2011

Winners for the Gos Curvaceous Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered the Gos Curvaceous Contest. The judges have reviewed all the entries and chosen the contest winners; with so many wonderful entries we had a very difficult time but are pleased to announce our final selections:

For Photography:

1st place: Moniq Salamander (Cash prize: L$15,000)
Sometimes less is more and we felt this picture captured Curvaceous at their best, snaking legs and simple colour scheme bringing the boots to life. Congratulations to moniq Salamander for her winning shot.

2nd place: Piper Dinzeo (Cash prize: L$5,000)
The image is instantly striking, dynamic and playing on the length of the boot. The judges particularly liked the unique perspective given and the 'broken doll' idea.

3rd place: Sapphire Coakes (Cash prize: L$5,000)
With warm colours throughout and an emphasis on the boots, this carefully posed picture stood out.

For Styling:

1st place: Tanaquil Beaumont (Cash prize: L$15,000)
Tanaquil Beaumont's creative use of colour won the judges over, with clothing and accessories sourced from a range of stores but with styles and textures that worked well together.

2nd place: Nigel Riel (Cash prize: L$5,000)
One of the more unusual entries into the competition, this styling certainly turned the judges heads. The basic palette worked to dramatic effect with creative styling of the accessories.

3rd place: Prue Genira (Cash prize: L$5,000)
"Fierce" was the word used to describe this styling, with Curvaceous as much a luxury as the mass of fur on display. The sense of fun didn't go unnoticed and earned the judges' votes.

Congratulations to you all. Winners will be contacted individually to receive their prizes and asked to submit their full-size images to Gospel Voom via email for display in the Gos mainstore.

Thank you again to all who participated. Stay gorgeous in your Curvaceous boots!


Venk said...

This was a challenging contest to judge.. so much we loved and so hard to pick just one for each category. Congratulations to all the entries, winners, and especially Gospel Voom. He wins as well and for that we are happy. This means more BOOTS!

zaap said...
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