Thursday, 4 October 2012

Announcement: PDSA Fundraiser

Back in August my cat Archie was struck in the head by a speeding car. His injuries were extensive but his prognosis was positive so I didn't hesitate to pay for treatment. I was uninsured and thus reliant on my own savings and the kindness of friends and family to see him through.

Having been the beneficiary of so much support I was left to ponder the fate of pets whose owners can't afford to treat their injuries and I felt a burning ambition to get involved and to 'pay it forward'.

The charity I want to support is the PDSA which stands for 'The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals' and it's a UK based charity devoted to caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need. I want this to be more than an event, I want it to become a lifestyle. So my plan is to create a special, exclusive design with every new release and to give 100% of the proceeds from each and every sale to the PDSA.

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Equestrian Boots and Hunter Ankle Boots in an exclusive houndstooth pattern to raise money for the PDSA. [On sale from Friday 5th October]
All fees from the sale of the exclusive item will be sent to PDSAFundRaiser Resident, whose accounts will be published on a quarterly basis so as to ensure complete transparency. The avatar is run by PurplePenny Broome whose credentials are second to none. If you'd like more information or would like to get involved please contact either PurplePenny Broome or me, Gospel Voom, in-world.

New Release: Equestrian and Hunter Boots

New in for Autumn the Equestrian knee length and Hunter ankle boots from Gos are the must-have statement fashion pieces for the season. 

The boots combine the allure of sleek lines and seductive curves, and are designed with pointed toe and concealed platform to give extra height to the classic stiletto heel. Featuring cross-over ankle harness detail on the outer leg secured with colour-change metal buckles and a contrasting central panel.
Available in six colours; Black, Chocolate, Burgundy, Hazel, Tan and Taupe with silver and gold metal options. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Archibald on the mend

Archie Appeal - paying it forward

Archie and I would like to thank everyone who's have contributed to this fundraiser. All week I have laughed with you, cried with you and shared stories of heart wrenching sadness together with others of unbridled joy. To feel so much empathy and to be the recipient of so much kindness has left me both bewildered, humbled and immensely grateful.

For those of you not aware of what befell my little beastie three weeks ago he was out late gamboling around 'his' neighbourhood when he was struck by a speeding car. The impact was so severe it shattered his jaw, fractured the hard palate in his mouth and left him blind in both eyes. But somehow he managed to get himself home to me. I will never forget the sight or the sound of my bloodied and broken moggy crying for help.

When my friends in Second Life heard of what had befallen my Archibald they rallied around and asked what they could do to help. Some asked if they could make a financial contribution to Archie's vet bills, whilst others offered to make something to sell on his behalf. Out of this upwelling of support Caelan Hancroft brought us all together to form the Archie Appeal at the Truth District sim courtesy of Truth Hawks.

When this event was first proposed I was very uncomfortable with the idea of being the recipient of charity. I'm far happier putting in than taking out. My late father was a Director of a local sports charity so being dressed in a monkey suit and rattling my collection tin in smokey pubs was a large part of my childhood. But this time, right here and right now I was desperate to do all for my 'boy' and I can't thank people enough for giving me the opportunity to do just that.

Since we opened on Saturday the 25th of September we have raised in excess of L$800,000. This money will go a long way in contributing to Archibald's ongoing treatment. He's going to need further operations to repair his fractured bones along with extensive dental work as the few teeth he has left are broken and there are a lot exposed roots to come out. He then needs a consultation with an Ophthalmologist so that I can have his eyesight fully assessed and if possible repaired. 

But now that the week long fundraiser is coming to a close I want to take all this positive energy and goodwill towards Archie and to "pay it forward". So from Monday 3rd September I am going to be raising money for the PDSA which stands for 'The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals' which is a UK based charity devoted to caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need. To avoid any confusion I will be removing all vendors and donation kiosks associated with the Archie Appeal and asking anyone who set one up on their own sim to do likewise. I have asked a very dear friend to help coordinate with the charity so that we can proceed with complete transparency and accountability and to ensure no conflicts of interest.

If you'd like more information or would like to get involved please contact me in-world or via my email:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

New Release: Aviator Boots

Introducing Aviator, the essential new Winter boot from Gos. Immaculately detailed with exquisite stitching, folded seam beneath the zippered side, creased upper, thick-tread soles and leather strapped ring to the ankle, Aviator is the boot of the season with two separate lines to provide a unique look for both men and women.

Amelia was crafted for the female fashionista, complete with show/hide rolled sock tops and shape change between a tight fit zipping high on the leg, and the loose fit which pulls wider around the calf. Choose between 5 sock colours for the single boot colours and an array of 16 if you purchase the fatpack, shifting your shoe shape and changing your hosiery to allow complete customisation of your Amelia Aviators to best suit your outfits.

Yeager is designed just for men, coming with both the loose fit option to wear tall over your pants and a short style to sit comfortably beneath your trouser cuffs. Scripted for dynamic shape change, Yeager is both fun and functional, offering quick customisation to suit your latest style.

With advanced fitting menu for a completely personalised fit to your body shape, Aviator is available in single colours of Black, Camel, Chocolate, Tan and Worn or as a fatpack of all 5.

Add Aviator to your collection by visiting the Gos Mainstore or Marketplace now.

New Release: Wellingtons

New from Gos, mesh wellington boots in 12 glossy colours to brighten up your wardrobe. Certain to get you noticed whatever the weather, these boots deliver a perfect fit with three pairs of rigged boots and one pair of attachable boots included with each purchase.

Available in single colours, with custom resprays available, or as an all-colour fatpack, you can easily create your own personal colour combinations, changing the details to match your latest outfit. With side buckle detail and tracked rubber sole, Gos Wellingtons are a classic addition to your footwear collection making a bold statement that's sure to get people talking.

Purchase from the Gos mainstore or on Marketplace.