Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Release: Aviator

Made with the elite in mind, the iconic Aviator Sunglasses by Gospel Voom are the latest addition to the Gos Custom Range

For ice cool idling on the tarmac or tearing the air to plasma on re-entry, these shades are a modern version of what most would consider to be the ultimate in style. Featuring clean lines and intricate detailing throughout the frame, angular lenses mounted with a double bridge, falling back to the darted, acceented arm fitted with contrasting sleeves. As part of the pack we've also included a folded pair to hang from your shirt or jacket pocket, which can be styled just like the regular pair.

To give you complete control over the customisation, Aviator boasts a sophisticated scripting system that gives a wide range of options to make your eyewear unique to your av. From the depth of tint to the frame colour, positioning and more, you can alter every setting to match your personal style.

Aviator comes loaded with 10 frame and lens texture presets and is available for gifting through the vendors in store or on XStreet.

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